Along Came a Spider

Chances are, they won’t sit down beside you
And the places you don’t see them, are few
Creeping anywhere and everywhere, leaving us resigned
Allowing them to build their homes in the corners of our minds

Patiently waiting till their prey arrives
Spinning the cobwebs that shape our lives
Deceivingly harmless, their sting recalls
The agonies of life’s unjust trials

Entangling our minds with webs of negativity
Breeding bitterness, unforgiveness and insecurity
That form who we are and who we may become
Should we leave them alone, to mold our final outcome?

It’s not the spider Miss Muffet, but their webs you should fear
For by their very presence, more spiders will draw near
Though you may run, you can’t hide, for spiders will invade
To spin pain, to weave sorrow; this is why they were made

Spiders will come and go, of that we can be sure
But the harmful webs they weave; it is this we can’t ignore

© Copyright A.K.Browne, All Rights Reserved

This poem was inspired by the many spiders that keep popping up in my house.  As they have moved in and set up shop, they have annoyed me over the last few years.  So I figure, take my angst and use it for good.  Spiders for me represent the  frustrations of life, the unfair, negative experiences/trials that form our Cobwebs – our behavior, attitudes, personality, habits, our general approach to life.  The irony is that the build-up of cobwebs attract even more spiders.

About Kaleb

I am a single working mother with a love for the Lord Jesus Christ and spreading His message. To browse my writings is to peek through the window to my soul and to the heart of what really matters in my life. I am candid, honest and open especially for the edification and encouragement of others.

4 Responses to “Along Came a Spider”

  1. Great poem, love how it flows. The message reminds me of the parables, so true that we have to watch out for those web that trip us up!!

  2. Thanks Loswl – I wanted to explain this line : “The irony is that the build-up of cobwebs attract even more spiders.” – Sometimes our poor attitude, bad habits, negative approach to life attract more trials, trials that could have been avoided.

    • That is so true, that is why I try to be positive at all times (hard sometimes, but comes easier with practice), negativity breeds more negativity, so your analogy is spot on sista!!.

  3. Lovely poem. I don’t like when I’m walking and suddenly the webs are all over my face. I don’t mess around spiders but I think they are some amazing creatures.